Innovating to Improve the Food Security of Montrealers

Year Two Report: 2021-22


Carte Proximité’s successful first year allowed us to grow enormously in our second year. The second year was rich in new partnerships, a larger number of people reached, and, of course, new challenges.

A Few Key Numbers

1360 cards distributed to households living with food insecurity, for a total of 3900 reached

37 partner organizations in 10 boroughs

13 partner markets, 32 points of sale

$327 000 distributed via Carte Proximité cards


This year, the program allowed for growth and change in the following ways :

For program participants:

For participating markets:

For community organizations:


« You were my vegetables this summer! Without the card, I would not have been able to buy vegetables, what with the rise in price of food. I’m cooking a big pot of fall vegetables, thanks to you! »

– A program participant (translated from French)


« Our little family was lucky enough to be one of the households that were able to benefit from your program. I would like to sincerely thank you because it allowed us to choose healthy, local and quality vegetables and fruits, but also milk when many times we would have had to take lesser quality products. You also to getting my baby to choose his own vegetables, to discover them and name them… »

– A program participant (translated from French)


Collaboration with the Centre de recherche en santé publique

As evaluation is at the heart of this pilot project, this year the Carrefour solidaire CCA developed a second research partnership with an expanded research team, thanks to substantial financial support. Geneviève Mercille, affiliated with the Centre de Recherche en Santé Publique (CReSP), is the primary researcher. The research team is coordinated by Myreille Hébert, with the help of Elsie Harb.

This study is ongoing, but the preliminary results have enabled us to produce this report. Thank you to all those involved!