Purchase a Carte Proximité

Because the Carte Proximité is intended to improve access to healthy food, well over a thousand cards are given out to people living with food insecurity. These cards are distributed through community organizations.


If you want to support the program, please consider donating, thus supporting a family living with food insecurity. Your donation will directly increase the impact of this program:

Act in solidarity with a family living with food insecurity


You can also purchase a Carte Proximité for yourself. In purchasing a Carte Proximité, you contribute to your community by supporting your favorite market and ensuring that local farmers have a ready market for their produce.

I want to support my local market and buy a virtual Carte Proximité


Do you represent a business or organization? Thank your employees by offering them each a Carte Proximité valued at 25$, 50$ or 100 $.

I’d like to buy Cartes Proximité for my team!