What is the Carte Proximité?

The card can be used in 36 participating markets to purchase food items that are sourced from local farms. By using the Carte proximité, you are supporting the local economy and our local farmers.


When I’m at the market, how will I know which food items are eligible?

The program’s logo will be placed in front of every eligible food item in participating markets. You can find the logo on your Carte Proximité.

Some markets specialize in fruit and vegetables, while others sell meat, dairy products and more. On the list of markets you will receive at the same time as your Carte proximité, you will find symbols beside the name of each market. These symbols indicate the categories of food items sold at that market. The list of participating markets can also be found by clicking here.


Which food items can I purchase with the Carte Proximité?

  1. Local fruits, vegetables, milk, unsweetened vegetable drinks, and eggs;
  2. All other food items that are sourced directly from their producer in Québec;
  3. Meals or other prepared foods that are prepared by the participating markets with unsold food, with the objective of reducing food waste.


Where can I use my Carte Proximité?

You can use your card to purchase food items in any of the 36 participating markets on the island of Montreal. In the envelope you receive, you will find a list of markets along with their addresses, opening hours and the types of food items they sell. The list of markets can also be found here (LINK). 

You will also receive a map of your burrough with participating markets near you. This map can also be found by clicking here.


How long does this program run for and when will my card be recharged?

The program starts on July 1st, 2022 and runs until October 31st, 2022. Your card will automatically be recharged with the amount that has been attributed to you on the first day of each month during these 4 months. It’s important to try to spend the amount on your card each month, and especially important to spend it all by October 31st, because after this date your card will no longer be functional. 


How much money is there on my Carte Proximité?

The monthly amount deposited on each card depends on the number of people living in each household: 


Can the money on my card be transferred from one month to the next?

Yes, the amount deposited on your card is transferable from one month to the next, until the end of October, after which your card will be deactivated. However, it is much better for participating markets if you spend the money every month, instead of using it all at the end!


How can I find out how much money is left on my card?

There are 2 ways to find out:

  1. You can simply ask the cashier at the market, when you are purchasing items;
  2. You can also check online by clicking here.


What happens if I lose my card?

Unfortunately, we can’t commit to giving you a new one. Please take good care of it! 

If you lose your card, please let the organization that distributed the card to you know. 


Other questions?

Please contact the organization that distributed the card to you, or call la Carrefour solidare (program coordinators) at this number : 514-525-6611.