What is the Carte Proximité?

A method of payment

Carte Proximité is a food stamps project that supports local food systems. The card can be used as a method of payment to purchase food items at any of the participating markets, who commit to sourcing an increasing number of their products directly from local farms. Carte Proximité is helping to make healthy food more accessible to all, creating solidarity, promoting local farmers and strengthening short supply chains.
Did you mention solidarity?

Food stamps

Not all folks have access to sufficient healthy foods for economic reasons. Through this program, hundreds of people receive subsidized cards that receive monthly deposits. So they too have the purchasing power be able to buy more fresh produce and support the local economy.
Did you mention farmers?

Buying local

With the Carte Proximité, we encourage our local economy and local supply chains. That is, produce goes straight from the farm to the market shelves. Fewer middlemen means fresher food and fairer prices that value the work of our farmers.
What can be purchased with the Carte Proximité?

Fresh, whole, local foods

With Carte Proximité, you can stock up any food item on the shelf at any participating market. The availability of food items varies from market to market and throughout the season.
Where can the Carte Proximité be used?

Find your market

The card can be used at various markets and farm stands. Consult the map to find out their locations and their opening hours.
How can I obtain a card?

Purchase a card in solidarity!

Because the Carte Proximité is intended to improve access to healthy food, hundreds of cards are given to people living with food insecurity. These cards are distributed through community organizations.

In addition, you can buy a Carte proximité for a family in a situation of vulnerability. Your donation will directly increase the impact of this program.

I received a Carte Proximité from a community organization. When and what amounts will be deposited?

Monthly deposits

Hang onto your card, because a monthly amount will be deposited between July and October. The amounts depend on the size of your household:
  • One-person household: 25$/month
  • Two-person household: 50$/month
  • Three or more-person household: 100$/month
The monthly amount will be deposited in the first week of each month. If you don't spend the full amount within the month, it will roll over to the following month. We still encourage you to use your card regularly, because the funds will expire at the end of the month of October when the project wraps up for the year.

Do you operate a market?

Accept the Carte Proximité

All together in solidarity, with the Carte Proximité, let’s build a more human, farmer-focused food system.